Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So far things seem to be going good for the Etsy shop. No new sales yet. Today I was contacted by someone from www.FoundHandmade.com They liked my blue cross bookmark and featuerd it on their blog. The more I am discovered the greater chance I will have in getting this shop off the ground. Right now my biggest goal is to just get noticed and then when someones needs something they will remember me and request that something special. Hopefuly by the big Christmas rush the shop will be booming. I will add a link to foundhandmade.com so others can check out their great site. There are alot of amasing artests that advertise on their site. I am honered that they have found my work worthy of their site.


  1. That's great someone from FoundHandmade.com found you.

    My sales are slow too.

  2. Your new blog is very nice..am now a follower..continued good luch with you shop and blog.